Gil Corujeira


"Gil Corujeira's work draws on the moments and subjects surrounding the private life and creative environment frequented by the Portuguese photographer. Since moving to Berlin in 2015, his photographic research has focused around capturing a precise, specific feeling, immortalized through the elusive movement of an intimate, unique, and unrepeatable moment. The photographer seeks a secret, almost spied, stolen translation of interpersonal relationships that accompany him over the years, allowing himself to be inspired by them and reconstructing stories that would otherwise be inevitably lost. 

The works often alternate between analogue and digital photography and experimentation with different photographic tools according to the story he wishes to translate and convey. In addition to the frequent use of nostalgic black and white, Corujeira often proposes a chromatic selection reminiscent of the oneiric world, the space of dreams, of storytelling, in the alternations of chiaroscuro with emerald greens, golden ochres, and leaden blues that together create a quiet space, so near and yet so far from the eyes of the beholder. His influences range from the cinema of Wong Kar-wai, to the painting of Francis Bacon, to masters of modern photography such as Daido Moriyama, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, and Bruce Davidson.

His photographic research bears witness to a Berlin in metamorphic transformation; no longer a myth of a violent, cruel, and austere city, but a place of gathering moments, glances, intimate memories with the nostalgic flavor that is carried by the reminiscence of a dream."

- Virginia Valeri

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